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Sugar Free Sweets

Situated in the lovely Stonham Barns retail village, our old fashioned sweet shop is the perfect place to bring back some nostalgia or get your dose of goodies. We have a great selection of sweets both new and old, some even have no sugar. Our helpful team are always available to help, just grab someone. They will be happy to answer any questions for you too. You can get a bag mixed with all of your favourite selections or you can buy already made bags, chocolate bars, lollipops and the list goes on.

Gone Vegan? Well that’s great and we completely support you. That’s why we have a great selection of vegan sweets and goodies for you to try. In our old fashioned sweet shop you will find a tremendous selection of sweets, fudge, chocolate and much more. Be ready to relive some childhood memories when visiting Molly Blog Olde Sweet Shoppe. Once the kids are fuelled up and ready to go then you can hit some of the activities they have here.

Come Feel Like A Kid In An Old Fashioned Candy Store

Please stop by anytime you are in the area. We are always pleased to see our visitors. If you would like to ask any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All of our contact details are listed right here on this page. Along with a map which shows our exact location, just in case this is your first time visiting. Being within the Stonham Barns Leisure & Retail Village means that there is a whole host of other shops here for you to browse around. Plus some fun things to do with the kids.

We look forward to seeing you here sometime soon.

Old Fashioned Sweet Shop

| Sugar Free Sweets

| Retro Sweets Suffolk

Unit 18 Stonham Barns Park, Stonham Aspal, Stowmarket, Suffolk

IP14 6AT

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